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Naomi Aldort, Author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves in interviewed about raising resilient children:

  • Scroll down to watch the video.
  • In this parenting interview:
    How to raise an emotionally resilient child
    Avoiding the fear based helicopter parenting and over protection of children
    How a child benefits from failing and emotional challenges
    Work on yourself for your child’s benefit
    The harm of telling a child she is ‘special’
    How pressure and competitiveness cause anxiety and depression
    The SALVE communication formula
    How and why to not negate your child
    Jealousy between siblings
    How to respond to siblings hitting so that the underlying need is resolved
    The price of praise, rewards, competition, evaluation and grades
    Schooling and education
    Why you should not push your child to succeed
    How striving to the top can be the cause of emotional harm
    Your child’s talents: Music, piano, art
    Being a famous pianist or other success is not always a sucess internally
    How living up to expectations harms the child
    Emotional freedom
    How to ensure your child’s choices are really free and not manipulated
    Parenting as leadership without control
    The importance of physical skills development for child
    Sleeping with parents and developing self-reliance and independence
    How to child proof against molestation
    Autism and other special needs
    Food for a healthy, happy and thriving child
    Kahlil Gibran Poem: Your Children Are Not Your Children



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