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Mut Zum Mut skype call

Bring peaceful solutions to parent child relationships: Behavior, defiance, tantrums, sibling rivalry, bedtime, child's emotional expression, when my child doesn't listen, parent emotions, child's expression of hate, creating connection, aggression, self-esteem, child's self-therapy, communication, and other common daily issues.

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Interview with Naomi Aldort in The Attachment Parenting Podcast about


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The question is in Czech and the translation is in print bellow.
The answer starts at 1 minute.

Here is the translation of the question:

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Naomi Aldort joins Antony Sammeroff to talk about emotional handling and conscious parenting

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Naomi discusses her book "Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves" and answers the following questions:

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Questions answered:

  • What parents don´t understand from your book most often - what do you have most often to explain to them again?

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