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The greatest difficulty is our own fear in the face of a teenagers’ powerful­ strive to create themselves. As a teenager, my oldest son, Yonatan, had friends who were far from representing our values, and his wardrobe and activities gave me a lot to worry about. After two years of this teen “trance,” he was done and moved on. As we were talking one day about growing up, he said to me, “Mom, the best thing I had these last few years was your complete trust in me.”


Trust is powerful for both you and your teenager and it starts early on. When you hold another person’s core being in you, they can roam away safely, feeling confident in their own ability to return to themselves.


Parenting is letting go of control while staying connected and aware and knowing when a teenager is yearning for guidance. Secure and confident teenagers don’t become like their parents; they carve their own path. They want to find...

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