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Nurturing Your child's musical talent With Aldort’s Acclaimed Natural Young Musician™ Program

Dear Naomi,
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the phone session Sunday on developing my daughter’s interest in music. Your tone and attitude were so reassuring, and I’m already really looking forward to the hours of fun we’ll have together. We’ve already tried the animals game already – it’s fantastic and I wonder why something similar didn’t occur to me earlier, but I often find that major discoveries seem just like that – almost too good to be true!
Thank you and best wishes,

– Helen Chang,Vienna, Austria


violoNaomi Aldort has been offering guidance for parents of musical children and all children for forty years. As a former piano and voice teacher (currently teaching select few students), Aldort has offered teachers’ workshops on developing musical freedom of expression in children. Two of her sons are professional musicians, one a pianist/composer living in Seattle and the other a cellist, member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In a phone/Skype session, Naomi will share with you the games that will nurture and develop your child’s musical talent. Naomi’s approach leaves the child in charge, self-directed, self-initiating and, most importantly, loving music. A real piano at home is a must.

In the session you will learn to engage your child in music games, custom made for her/his natural inclinations and delight. These games will effortlessly and joyfully teach him/her all the basic musical skills, including: creative musical expression, musical improvisation, rhythms, notes reading, musical dynamics: forte, piano…, musical tempos: largo, adagio, allegro, presto… playing music by ear, singing while playing, solfège, ear training, learning to listen, how to attend concert joyfully, enjoying high quality (mostly classical) concerts and CDs, recognizing musical instruments, and mostly: loving music and feeling free to express oneself on musical instruments and in singing.

Your child will ask you to play these games again and again, or will play on her own with siblings and friends. You can start using these games with toddlers or with mature children and even adults. You do not need to be musically educated or skilled. You will learn with your child. It is wonderful for home-schooling but just as good with children who go to school.

Watch Lennon Aldort at age 3 playing Bach by ear

To make an appointment you can pay bellow, or, if you prefer, you can Contact Naomi first or call 360 376-3777 with any questions you may have. Naomi is prompt in her response. If you do not receive a response within a day or two, please write or call again to be sure that your message reached Naomi.


Please do not send an email with your story. After Naomi receives your payment, an email will be sent to you with a form to fill out. You will have a space in that form to offer a brief introduction of your specific needs or issues.


Nurturing Your Child's Musical Talent Full

50 Minute Session


Pay by check $158


Pay online $169




The following book is not the Natural Young Musician™ Program that Naomi teaches in private sessions. The creative games program is ONLY available in PRIVATE SESSIONS The piano book is a follow up for children who are ready to master playing from notes. It teaches to read music and play from notes on the piano.

Purchase Book




Please mail your check to: Naomi Aldort, P.O. Box 1719, Eastsound, WA 98245. Then use the contact page to contact Naomi Aldort and notify her that you are sending in a check.

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