Family Intensive
Family Intensive
Retreat for Whole Family in Naomi's Home
Enjoy beautiful Orcas Island while healing and empowering your whole family
Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves
Transforming parent-child relationships from reaction and struggle to freedom, power and joy
Call Naomi
Call Naomi
Contact Naomi Privately from Your Home
Parenting Guidance, Babies through Teens, Marriage & Personal Guidance. By Phone or Skype.
Listen Now!
Listen Now!
Find answers to parents' questions in MP3s!
MP3 recordings with Naomi Aldort bringing peace and clarity to difficult situations, as well as to ordinary parenting issues from infancy through adulthood.
Musician Program
Musician Program
Natural Young Musician™ Program
In a phone session, Naomi will share with you the games, teaching tools and experiences that will nurture and develop your child's musical talent. Naomi's approach leaves the child in charge, self-directed, self-initiating and loving music. Two of her children are musical prodigies.
Taking the struggle out of childrearing
Futuristic. Disarming. Healing. Groundbreaking.

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Naomi Aldort is the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, (published in 17 languages). Through phone/Skype sessions, workshops and speaking events she brings peace and deep connection to families and audiences world wide.

Her guidance is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about how to have peace without having to control. It is about a way of being and of understanding our children so they can do their best, not because they fear us or seek our approval, but because they want to, of their own free will.

Naomi Aldort brings peace and clarity to difficult situations, as well as to ordinary parenting issues from infancy through adulthood.


Her SALVE communication formula has been praised as providing the best of The Work of Byron Katie and Nonviolent communication combined, and more.


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Naomi provides guidance on all parenting and family issues, babies through teens

Attachment Parenting • Toddlers • Children’s Behavior • When Babies Cry • Breastfeeding • Home-Schooling • Child’s Aggression • Teenagers • Child’s Sleep • Bed-time • Parenting without scolding or yelling • Cooperation without bribes or threats • Cooperation without time-out or punishment • Tantrums • Siblings Rivalry • Your Child’s Talents • Healing a Child’s Trauma • Child’s Speech • Parent’s needs • Marriage • Unsupportive relatives • Your in-laws • and much more.