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"Make your home not a court house but a house of loving connections." - Naomi Aldort


“To be a parent-leader is not about controlling, but about setting things up such that no control is needed.” - Naomi Aldort



"A child always has a valid reason even for disturbing behaviors. Find and eliminate the reason and he won't need to act this way."  - Naomi Aldort


"Like you, the child is always doing the best she can, even if you cannot see it. Your job is to learn to see it

so you can bring healing to the cause." - Naomi Aldort


"Nurture your child so she can thrive: We don't water a flower if it blooms; we water it so it will bloom." - Naomi Aldort


"Share life with a child who acts kindly and productively not because she fear you but because she wants to, of her own free will."  - Naomi Aldort


“Teaching children to want is the cause of tantrums, stress and suffering.”  - Naomi Aldort

“Raising powerful humans requires that we pamper less ego and empower more self-reliance, authentic being and the freedom to fail.”    - Naomi Aldort


"Your child’s behavior is learned from your unintended guidance, of which you are not aware." - Naomi Aldort


"A child is born able to be happy; it is best to preserve this magnificent nature and not teach her to want things or to have life always go her way." - Naomi Aldort


"A joyful child is not one who must have things go his way, but one who is content being without." - Naomi Aldort.


 “A child learns from you the nature of freedom; whether to be a slave of likes and dislikes, or a free being.”  - Naomi Aldort

“ A child who experiences reality, including authentic limitations and sometimes inability to have what she wants, develops self-reflection and self-discipline.” - Naomi Aldort

“ No matter how gently we tell a child not to hurt another, s/he cannot hear us. Instead s/he feels failing and desperate, doubting our love and her/his own worth.” - Naomi Aldort

“How do I know what my child should be able to do and how she should behave and be? By observing her.” - Naomi Aldort

"Raise a child whose moral, responsible and loving actions come not from fear or a need to appease, but of her own free will." - Naomi Aldort

“Parental Leadership starts with the ability to create the context which allows the child’s authentic intent to unfold, and the courage to recognize yourself as the source when things fall apart.” - Naomi Aldort

Family Retreat   Parenting Guiding Sessions   Workshops   Biography   Testimonials  Book 


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