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Advanced Course CZECH REPUBLIC - 3 days

Advanced Course CZECH REPUBLIC - 3 days
Fri, 27. October 2017 - Sun, 29. October 2017
Prague - Prague, Czech Republic
European Tour 2017
Created by:
Naomi Aldort
Advanced Course CZECH REPUBLIC - 3 days



Naomi Aldort speaks in English with consecutive or simultaneous translation. All English speaking people are welcome and able to participate fully.


Click here for reservation (EN)

(Rezervace CZ)

Venue: penzion Perseus Trnová

27.-29.10. Pension Trnová (by Prague) Raising our children Raising ourselves 2

More information and registration: 


For more information click here.

The advanced workshop will revolve around participants needs, issues and stories. In a way it will be all about your questions, but not about my direct answers. Instead it will be a deep inquiry into what blocks you from seeing the answers, and skill building to access your own wisdom.

We will use and resolve stories of behavior, sleep, learning, unschooling, sibling, marriage, sex, relatives, social issues... you name it, but you will be the one finding the answers so you become your own parenting guru.


With your stories and questions we will do the following (order may change and mingle and more will be added based on your needs):


• Becoming aware of your automated resistance of reality with your child/ren.

• Noticing expectations that blind your vision and connection

• Waking up to the fears that feed these expectations and cause the resistance

• Becoming familiar with your mind's strategies to keep you unaware 

• The power of never ending forgiveness

• Discovering your knowing

• Learning through theatrical scenes to flow: to "accept the offer"(fun and powerful.)

• Distinguishing power from domination

• The meaning of being fully responsible; a great relief and joy

• Acting family dynamic scenes, based on your stories, to find and delete destructive patterns

• Freeing yourself from seeking approval

• The art of happiness and how to model it so your child learns to strive for joy

• Learning to enjoy and respond enthusiastically to criticism

• Acting like you are not you to achieve freedom of ego/story

• Discovering the walls that stop us and breaking free

• Becoming your child's therapist through play therapy for behavior and emotional issues (lots of examples and games.)

• Enjoying when things go wrong 

• Learning to find the place of being that you are

• Shares and empowerment


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·        Advanced Course CZECH REPUBLIC - 3 days


Contact information

Petra Kutáčková


More Info Coming Soon
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Czech Republic
Czech Republic
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