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Healthy deserts for children and parents:


The chocolate mousse: 

1) The 5 minutes version, eat on the spot:



• Organic raw egg yokes

• Raw Honey

• Organic raw cocoa powder

Two yokes work with half a tea spoon of organic raw honey



Separate the organic egg yokes from the whites

Put raw honey just enough to sweeten and not over sweeten (too much honey prevents the yokes from fluffing.)

Whip till almost white and tight

Some children love it as it is.


Add some organic cocoa powder or melted organic unsweetened chocolate. 


2) The full version:


6 eggs

• Half a kilo unseated organic chocolate chunks

• Raw honey

• Optional: Vanila, moca, cinnamon.




Separate the yokes and save the white separately.

Whip the yokes with honey to sweeten but not to prevent the whipping. Not too much.

Melt the raw unsweetened chocolate

Wait for the melted chocolate to not be hot but still soft and mix slowly with whipped yokes.

Whip the whites

Fold the whipped whites slowly into the mix (you can use all the whites for light and fluffy mouse, or less if you want it tighter).

Put in dishes and refrigerate for 24 hours.





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