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3 years 6 days ago #3 by Naomi Aldort

« Please keep in mind that this is an open forum, on the public space of the Internet and as such can be read by anyone with Internet access. Only members can post and member profiles are available only to other members. Still, there is no way of verifying a member is who they say they are and by posting any personal information on this site you are doing so with the knowledge that potentially anyone can access and use the information. Your profile information has purposely been limited to be as vague as possible. Should you choose to share personal information with others in private e-mail, you do so at your own risk.

« No obscene or profane language and no personal attacks are allowed! This one is pretty simple. We want a community that is safe for the entire family to view.

« You are welcome to e-mail the administrator for help at any time you have difficulties or complaints.

« When posting, we ask that you share your wisdom with tolerance and compassion. If some topics and discussions bring up strong feelings and you disagree with what is written and choose to respond, please do so with kindness and consideration. Respect for and acceptance of differences in each other's opinions is an essential part of our virtual community.

« Please note, if you have a conflict with another member please do not send them angry email, instead please send all complaints to the site Administrator. Likewise, if any member gets angry email from another member, please forward it to Admin. If any member has a complaint or concern or comment, they are welcome to send Admin an email query; it is against guidelines to air your complaints at the forum for the purpose of creating disharmony. Violation of this guideline is grounds for banning. We encourage the open and healthy discussion of issues and expression of opinion, but insults will not be tolerated.

« No commercial solicitation.

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