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UPCOMING WEBINARS (3 hours / 49 EUR each):

MARCH 28, 2020 (8-11 pm CET): Leading With Love and Clarity REGISTER

  • To raise a child who behaves well of her own free will
  • To resolve sibling rivalry
  • To resolve emotional hurts through healing games
  • Ways to empower the child to reject peer pressure
  • Peaceful bedtime
  • To handle tantrums and defiance
  • Your questions.

Register here today!

APRIL 18, 2020 (8-11 pm CET): Raising Independent and Resilient Children REGISTER

  • How we may unintentionally harm a child’s self-confidence, and how to build it instead
  • Ways to nurture the child’s talents, learning, and aspirations
  • How to care for the child without being child-centered
  • How to resolve bullying - safely and with compassion.
  • How to help a child deal with rejection and hardships
  • The questions you bring.

Register here today!

Register and hand in your questions and challenging parent-child situations to Naomi Aldort in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (up to 70 words).

Can’t make it to the live webinar? Register and get an automatic email notice when the recording is available. 


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