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When Yonatan was five, I took him and his toddler brother to a coffee shop to meet relatives he had not met before. Within minutes of our arrival, he and the two elderly ladies were engaged in a conversation. I then took my toddler and went on a couple of errands, letting the three of them have a nice visit. I returned 20 minutes later to find them discussing home schooling.


"He makes a lot of sense," one of the ladies said to me, "I am convinced about home schooling, except," she added with concern, "What about socializing?" "What about it?" I asked. Strangely, these ladies didn't see their own interaction with the boy as socializing, nor did they notice that his younger brother was participating in the social gathering as an active listener as well.

If a child is not introduced to the concept of peers, he connects with people of all ages, learning social skills all the time.

How Children Learn Social Skills?

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