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Enjoy beautiful Orcas Island while healing and empowering your whole family


“I am struck with the inadequacy of language to tell you

how much the time with you has changed our lives.”

Suzanne Handwork, Boulder, Colorado, USA


A family healing retreat is an opportunity to put your hands on the inside of your family dynamics and build authentic relationships with your children. The retreat is an intense, emotional, and transforming experience.





In Naomi’s home, sleeping in a guest apartment.


How long?

One to five days.*


What will you have to give up?

Your old emotional baggage that gets in the way of enjoying your loved ones.


How do you qualify?

Take at least three Zoom/Skype sessions with Naomi prior to the retreat.



In my home on Orcas Island:

The retreat price includes lodging and two meals a day up to family of 4. More kids $200-300 added depending on age:

The full five days intensive retreat – $13,000.

Fewer or additional days: $3000 per day.


In your home:

Five days out of WA state: Estimated $18,000 plus travel costs.

Please inquire for details as it varies with the distance.


The price for a single in person private session is $500 per hour.


What will you be doing on your family retreat?

  • You will be spending most of the day doing sessions individually, with your partner, and with your children; covering personal, marital and parenting issues at their root.
  • You will be hiking, sitting outside, boating or dining, with Naomi as you life guide.
  • You will have some time by yourself with your family to absorb and apply your new ways of being.
  • You will watch Naomi interacting with your child/ren and introducing self-directed music games at the piano.
  • You will be instructed, hands on, in ways to be with your child/ren and in playing power games effectively.
  • You will ask Naomi questions about parenting, marriage, relationship, food, health, education etc.
  • You will tour the beautiful island and enjoy its scenic and water activities, hiking and playing on the beach with your life guide in tow.


The family healing retreat is the fastest way to make a lasting impact on your happiness as a family and on the development of your child/ren’s emotional resilience, joy, self esteem, social, spiritual, and intellectual growth.



* If you prefer more or fewer days, a special arrangement can be made directly with Naomi. The price per in person session is $350 per hour.


Family Retreat Testimonials

"Our life has changed so much after you! I am enjoying parenting!!! My days are peaceful inside myself!! Children are themselves and they have ME strong and calm, what an achievement!! Even I’m more loving and compassionate with Mick and Selva without reacting. Would I ever stop thanking you???"

– Teresa & Mick, Australia

Read more about Teresa & Mick’s intensive family retreat session with Naomi


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! For loving your children and all children enough to bring such wisdom and clarity to the subject of growing up in this culture. For the first time in my life I have been able to consistently bring compassion to some of the most difficult issues between me and my child….I am very grateful for you in my life."

Annie Akin, Seattle, Washington

"It has been more than a month since our magical experience at your beautiful home on Orcas Island. The impact has been profound!"

Isa Sinclair, a mother in Alberta

"I am struck with the inadequacy of language to tell you how much the time with you has changed our lives."

Suzanne Handwork, Boulder, Colorado, USA

"…Yours is the most refreshing and reassuring approach to parenting I’ve encountered in some time.”

father in Holland


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By Phone, Skype, Email

Dear Naomi,
I am so grateful for a skype session with you today. It opened deeper layers of my / our parenting. Even though I read your book, watched your interviews as well as read majority of your articles, being in touch with you personally is completely new experience. Many thanks for everything!

Kind regards,
Mirka Hrubes, Australia


• Answers to your questions

• Healing and self-realization through parenting


• Take the struggle out of childrearing.

• Bring peaceful voluntary cooperation into your home.

• Watch your children thrive through love, trust, respect, and validation



Naomi AldortYour greatest strength as a parent lies in your courage to doubt yourself and to ask questions. You can get the guidance you seek without leaving your home. Naomi Aldort's approach is flexible and responsive to your particular needs and choices. You will find relief and validation while learning skills that resolve problems and bring freedom and joy to your family.


Naomi Aldort works with parents internationally. She is committed to lasting results that propel growth and happiness. Her guidance transforms parent-child relationships from reaction and struggle to Freedom, Power and Joy


Hi Naomi,
Thank you for your insight. As always, I am a better father after your feedback. Sam is thriving. And so are River and Piper.

Jamie DeBonet


Naomi provides guidance on all parenting and family issues, from babies through teens: Attachment Parenting • Toddlers • Children's Behavior • When Babies Cry • Breastfeeding • Home-Schooling • Child's Aggression • Teenagers • Child's Sleep • Bed-time • Parenting without scolding or yelling • Cooperation without bribes or threats • Cooperation without time-out or punishment • Tantrums • Siblings Rivalry • Your Child's Talents • Healing a Child's Trauma • Child's Speech • Parent's needs • Marriage • Unsupportive relatives • Your in-laws • and much more.


"Naomi, just want you to know I continue to feed on so many of your words to me during our personal sessions. I know I will continue to my whole life. Thank you for all you have given me."

Jan Esher, Mother and Counselor in VA


To make an appointment you can pay bellow, or, if you prefer, you can email Naomi first or call 360 376-3777 with any questions you may have. Naomi is prompt in her response. If you do not receive a response within a day or two, please write or call again to be sure that your message reached Naomi.


Please do not send an email with your story. After Naomi receives your payment, an email will be sent to you with a form to fill out. You will have a space in that form to offer a brief introduction of your specific needs or issues.


Full Session 50 MIN


25 Minute Session


15 Minute Session


Pay by check $ 158


Pay online $ 169




Pay by check $ 88


Pay online $ 92




Pay by check $ 59


Pay online $ 64



We accept credit card and cash payments through PayPal. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use our shopping cart. You will choose your credit card type at the Billing Information page. We also accept check or money orders made out to Naomi Aldort.


Parents with financial need, please click here for more information.

These prices are for long distance sessions only. The price for in person sessions and full days retreat is here.




Please mail your check to: Naomi Aldort, PO Box 1719, Eastsound, WA 98245 . Then use the contact page to contact Naomi Aldort and notify her that you are sending in a check.


Family Retreat Parenting Guiding Sessions Workshops Biography Testimonials Book


The greatest difficulty is our own fear in the face of a teenagers’ powerful­ strive to create themselves. As a teenager, my oldest son, Yonatan, had friends who were far from representing our values, and his wardrobe and activities gave me a lot to worry about. After two years of this teen “trance,” he was done and moved on. As we were talking one day about growing up, he said to me, “Mom, the best thing I had these last few years was your complete trust in me.”


Trust is powerful for both you and your teenager and it starts early on. When you hold another person’s core being in you, they can roam away safely, feeling confident in their own ability to return to themselves.


Parenting is letting go of control while staying connected and aware and knowing when a teenager is yearning for guidance. Secure and confident teenagers don’t become like their parents; they carve their own path. They want to find...

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In one of my workshops, a mother summed up her childhood experience of sharing by saying: “Every time I got a candy, I had to share it with my sister. Mom said it was nice to share, but I was sure it was bad because I was always left with half the candy.” Whether sharing food, toys, or the use of the slide, the result of adult-directed sharing often leaves a child with a sense of loss or a diminished experience — and not with joy. Children’s authentic generosity shows up in areas that we often don’t notice or don’t approve of. They assume that guests can stay forever and don’t see why they should leave and they see food in every home as their own. They share clothes and beds easily; they love giving gifts, hugs, and love.

Children are generous, and they also like to keep certain personal things and experiences to themselves, just like adults. Therefore, I use the word “sharing” to describe what adults wish that children would share.

There are children, like your neighbor, who seem happy to share toys or food with another child. This can shake your confidence in yourself as a parent. However,...

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Q: Why can’t my children go to bed and go to sleep? It takes us a couple of hours to put them in bed. They run away from putting pajamas on, and again they escape when we try to brush their teeth. It is such a struggle every night; they just don’t cooperate. Is there a better way?

A: Most parents go through the same exhausting and frustrating process you describe so well in your question. This can be both difficult and painfully disconnecting. You wish to tuck your children in bed with love and a calm heart, and instead you end up feeling frustrated and exhausted.

It is human and natural to want to stop the running child and get her to bed, ...

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A tantrum can vanish before it starts if we put the spotlight on it with validation and playfulness. Six-year-old Danny (names and scenarios are changed) came into the kitchen and asked his mother for a dessert. His mother said, “If you want something sweet, there are grapes, peaches or dried fruit.” 

“I want only watermelon, that’s what I want. Nothing else!” said the boy emphatically.

I was sitting close by and saw the tantrum building up. Danny stamped his foot lightly, he frowned, and his voice became tight as he was repeating his plea and was ready to explode. At that moment I said,...

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