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The Case Against Teaching

by Naomi Aldort

Q: I cannot get my children, 13, 10 and 7, into anything of value. I try to create “life learning” situations but they are not interested. We offer nature activities and celebrations, but they only want to play. Not much draws them into what I offer. They don't even want to know names of trees, lakes or mountains as we go by them. What am I missing and how will they learn?

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Interview with Naomi Aldort covering a range of topics including self-directed education for children. Subtitles in Czech.



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Transforming Halloween from Getting to Giving and from Toxic to Green

By Naomi Aldort

 "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." – Anne Frank

When I first heard of the “trick or treat” phenomenon as an young adult newcomer to the USA, I was feeling uncomfortable to say the least. Once I had children of my own, as a family, we either left home or turned off all the lights in the front, and hid in the back bedroom not wanting to deal with this, to us, unpleasant and backwards ordeal and not wanting our children to be expose to it or eat candy.


Interview with Naomi Aldort in The Attachment Parenting Podcast about





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„How do I know what my child should be able to do, and how she should behave? By observing her.“


Naomi Aldort


How do

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Watch a Video interview with Spanish translation about the book. (For Spanish translation please turn on the Spanish subtitles in the video)



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A friend on our island put this paragraph on his Facebook page on his 83rd’s birthday.


“Well here it is again. as I start my 83rd trip around the sun,I

 am so lucky to be here. From a bad orphanage to a worse 

foster home to all the things it took to get here. I have survived 

5 broken bones, 2 concussions and somewhere over 100 stitches, 

cancer and heart surgery, and various operations from appendectomy to vasectomy.. still have some of my hair and teeth, have glasses and hearing aids...Somehow I got thru it all, and so it seems to me that God in greater wisdom forgives my humanity. Onward…"


Why am I quoting it on a parenting page? For perspective. Witnessing someone picture of a full length life can help us see our children with more calm and trust.


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