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Advanced Workshop By Naomi Aldort


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Don't Call It Spanking

Hitting a child is wrong, no matter what word you use for it

No parent wants to hurt their child. If parents knew how to achieve connection, responsible behavior, cooperation, and kindness without hitting, threatening, consequences, time out, or punishment, they would do it. I don't judge parents who hit their children, yell, or punish; instead, I feel compassion and want to help them become who they truly wish to be, and bring healing to them and to their children. The greatest gift we can give our children is to work on ourselves and become models of nonviolence and of peaceful connections. Children were not created all wrong and needing to be fixed, and guiding them does not require hurting them - ever.Parents want to know how to help their children learn and grow without physical punishment, and need support and guidance.

By Any Other Name

The term spanking is used to reduce a parent's sense of guilt, through self-denial: "I am not hitting / abusing my child, I am only spanking him." I advocate to eliminate the word “spank” as a first step to awaken ourselves from this unconscious denial. Being compassionate means forgiving yourself, but it doesn't mean continuing to cause harm.

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6 Part Video Series


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Watch The Livestream Here



Naomi addresses all subjects related to parenting of all ages, emotional, behavioral, learning, as well as the needs of parents. 


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Naomi Aldort is the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, which is published in 17 languages. Parents from around the globe seek Aldort's advice by phone/Skype, in person and through her workshops, webclasses, by reading her book and by listening to her CDs/MP3. She is an engaging public speaker who has lectured in conferences, colleges and private events, transformed the lives of families around the world. 

From infants and toddlers to children and teens including the emotional needs of parents, Naomi Aldort addresses a wide range of parenting issues. Her guidance is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about how to have a well-behaved child without having to control. It is about a way of being and of understanding our children so they can do their best, not because they fear us or seek our approval, but because they want to, of their own free will.


Direct Event Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvzUWStJA24&t=270s



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