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"I attended your lecture at the… College this week and I felt that I have found guidance in exactly what I was searching for. I am so thrilled to have found you."

—A father in New York

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Baby and toddler development

There is nothing more infuriating for a toddler than to face how dependent s/he still is.

Babies and Toddlers

The baby's need for physical closeness*1
The emotional and physical needs of babies and toddlers.
When my baby cries inconsolably.
A good night sleep for Mom and Baby.
Nursing and bonding.
Your baby’s self-esteem.
Tandem nursing.
Planning another birth.
Siblings - solutions that bring peace.
Biting, throwing and hitting - detecting the need. Enhancing brain development of babies and toddlers. Owning our birth giving.
Toddlers - to tame or to trust: sharing, tantrums, behavior, nursing, car rides, aggression, weaning, sleep, food, and more.
Instead of “no” - the art of voluntary cooperation.

Child behavior and development

"Things are fantastic with the boys. We are noticing a difference in them already (perhaps it is a difference in ourselves!)...We both want to thank you again for our amazing weekend. Lots of love." —Parents in Arizona

Children's Behavior and Emotions

Preventing difficult behaviors and generating peace at home.
Raising emotionally resilient people.
Empowering self-reliance and self-esteem.
Healing/preventing jealousy.
Peaceful solutions to non peaceful behaviors.
Empowering children to heal from past and present hurts.
The social needs and skills of children.
Communication that melts tension into love.
Special children special gift.
Respect is not just being nice.
Living in peace with children: Chores, bed time, meals, car rides etc.
Health and eating.
A question of manners.


Trusting your teenager.
The teenager’s need for independence and for guidance. Keeping a close connection with your teen.
Depression and fears.
Emotional difficulties.
Social challenges of teenagers.
Sexuality and the search for identity.
The teenager need for power.

Teen development and behavior

Live with teenagers who do what is best for themselves and for others, because they want to.

Child Psychology

The parent as a counselor.
Healing symptoms of distress: speech, sleep, food, tics, soiling, other.
Living happily after trauma.
Removing causes of aggression and healing the angry child.
Play therapy, art, and other healing tools.


Making educational choices: School? Private school? Home learning?
How praise and rewards damages the learning process.
Trusting the child’s learning process.
Timing, and optimal brain development.
How emotions affect the ability to learn.
Talents and special needs.
The development of creative and critical thinking.


How praise damages self-esteem and what to do instead.
What is SELF-esteem and how to nurture it.
The subliminal messages that destroy the sense of self-worth.
Communication that empowers positive action and being.
Does your child/teenager know that you love her?
Saying “yes” without giving license.

Parent's Emotions and Needs

Raising our children, raising ourselves.
Loving your child when you are bursting with rage.
From reaction to empathy, the road less traveled.
Taking the struggle out of childrearing.
How to respect your child without disrespecting yourself.
Nurturing yourself.

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